Alarm Systems

We provide flexibility to meet the most demanding areas (gardens, balconies, terraces) via wired systems or wireless sensors, touch screens or fingerprint scanning screens. The wide range of products is based on microwave and infrared receivers, laser ray grids, volume detectors, weight sensors, etc.

The Millenguard technical staff will advise you on the matter of identifying and separating zones, the ability to use 96 different codes, such as ambush codes, silent alarm, panic remote control / ambush and other security features.


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Central monitoring system

  Millenguard dominates in the field of home security. We provide a free and without obligations security survey of your space while discussing with you in order to assess possible vulnerabilities of your permanent residence or summer house. We work together to design a security program specifically tailored to your measures and needs.

  Millenguard Security, with skilled engineers, the necessary infrastructure, facilities, monitoring systems and other relevant security equipment, provides integrated services and solutions for preventing untoward incidents such as theft, fire, outflow carbon monoxide outflow and other more. We offer the latest technology in home security, such as wireless monitoring systems, mobile phone alerts, remote control via PC and mobile phones, touch pads and remote monitoring.

Fire Sensors

  When dealing with fire, every second is important. Whether you are inside or outside the residence, smoke detectors identify the first signs of danger, while every second counts for the human life and your property.

  In case of fire, pairs of sensors directly detect high levels of smoke or elevated temperature, while a warning alarm is activated to ensure immediate evacuation. The sensors communicate with the Millenguard Signal Reception Centre 24/7 however your alarm system does not require being armed for that function. In case of fire detection, the Millenguard Signal Reception Centre immediately notifies the local authorities to ensure the protection of your family, your pet and in order to minimize the damages of movable assents and property.

Medical Emergency Assistance

You can now live more safely, knowing that Millenguard Security is only one click away. Millenguard provides you with a medical emergency alarm, so as to be able to provide you with immediate assistance in case of an accident in your home or any other medical emergency, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

 Every year, one out of three adults over the age of 65 suffers from an accident at home; the most common is falling or slipping down the stairs or in the bathroom. These accidents are often serious and can prove fatal. In fact, falls are the number one cause of injuries leading to death in old age.

 The Millenguard Medical Emergency System fits your requirements and provides the following benefits:

  • Easy to use; hold down the button to contact Millenguard Security for immediate assistance.

  • The function of holding down the button prevents from accidental alarms.

  •  The Millenguard qualified personnel answers your call for help and notifies friends and family.

  • Our system allows the elderly to stay at home longer, without requiring permanent assistance of a third person.

  • Wide coverage, both indoors and outdoors.

Call us today to protect yourself and your loved ones, giving them a carefree life with the Millenguard Medical Emergency System.

Carbon monoxide detection

 Carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent executioner” is the root cause of poisoning deaths from accidents. It is usually caused by cooking equipment, gas stoves, and vehicles in adjacent garage or basement leakage at home.

 Most people realize that they have been poisoned by carbon monoxide when it is too late. With the exposure to carbon monoxide, oxygen in the blood is gradually replaced by the last, leading the person to suffocate. Symptoms of poisoning from carbon monoxide are expressed influenza symptoms as well as difficulty in breathing. Persons who are exposed to carbon monoxide are seriously affected and may die within 15 minutes.

Millenguard installs carbon monoxide detectors, connected with the security system which is monitored 24 hours per day. If levels of carbon monoxide rise to an alarming level, you will be notified directly from the Millenguard Alarm Reception Centre.


  • CO detection: The detectors sound the alarm before the amount of carbon monoxide approaches fatal levels thus allows you to evacuate your home on time with your family.

  • 24 hours monitoring: Wireless sensors are connected with the security system and 24 hour per day and are monitored from the Millenguard Operations Centre. If a technical problem appears or if carbon monoxide is detected, we act immediately to ensure that you are safe.

  • Existing alarm and security systems: Do you already have an alarm and security system in place? We can install carbon monoxide detectors to your system and ensure the complete protection of your loved ones.

  • Wireless connection: Wireless carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated to most alarm and security systems. That way, you can have the security you want and forget about opening holes in the walls and seeing wires on the floor.

Flood Detection

Do not wait until the damage is done!

If you know someone who has suffered from floods and water leakage, then you know how devastating it can be. Every year, thousands of homes and businesses face floods or leaks that go unnoticed. For this reason, let Millenguard help you, so that you do not become one of those cases. Systems for recording water levels are necessary for summer houses or for those who travel frequently. That way, you have peace of mind while you might be out of town or out of the country. The damages caused by water leakage may be due to various causes, such as broken pipes, tanks which have a leak and cracks caused by ice. Apart from the financial loss which you may endure, it is an immediate threat to your health; mold and moisture can cause severe respiratory problems.

The Millenguard service for flood detection will identify any change in the water level in your home or your business, while you might be away. Strategically located sensors are monitoring water levels 24 hours a day and, if high levels are detected, the Millenguard Signals Reception Centre will notify you immediately so that the problem may be stopped before the damage becomes destructive. The service of flood detection saves thousands of euros that you will spend on repairs for your family home or business.

Use of mobile phones

Either you’re across the street or in another city; Millenguard Security provides the opportunity to control your security system using your computer or your mobile phone. You can control your residence by using video, enable or disable your system or receive real-time notifications of your security system.

  • Activate and check the status of your security system

  • Turn off and disconnect the siren alarm system in case of false alarm

  • Take advantage of the many features of your account - particularly useful for systems installed in your summer house

  • Remotely turn on and off the lights

  • Check the function of your garage door

  • Disable one of your alarm elements in case of  an unscheduled maintenance or repair

Overall Distance Monitoring

Save time, money and energy with the Millenguard Automatic home systems

Allow the Millenguard technology to help you simplify your life with home automatic control systems. How? By enabling or disabling the security system, locking or unlocking the doors, adjusting the lights and the thermostat, just by remotely pushing a button.

Customize your own automated home control program or make adjustments and changes from your PC or mobile phone. Stay informed via email or sms when family members return home, whether the alarm is activated in case of robbery or whether you have activated a specific security arrangement in your home.

Did they cut off your phone?

In case your phone line has been cut off, or if you decide to cancel your landlines, Millenguard offers continuous protection and security for your residence and business.

If your phone line is cut off either due to external factors or due to an attacker, Millenguard will be there to protect you. Millenguard Wireless Monitoring Service is a reliable solution which automatically sends a wireless signal to the Millenguard Signals Reception Centre to report all alarms. Moreover, wireless technology allows you to receive notifications via phone or via email, at any time and in any place.

Proceed with wireless solutions. Trust the Millenguard Wireless Monitoring Services as the first line of defense for your residence and business. Additionally, our service is ideal for locations where the phone line is not available, such as underground storage areas, parking areas, etc.

Millenguard provides a cost effective solution for companies that want to use this Service as their primary security and communication system. It is affordable with only a small fee for wireless service instead of committing multiple phone lines.

No security system is completely integrated, without wireless connection and monitoring. Contact us and stay forever connected and protected.

Why Millenguard?

  • We established a series of innovations
  • We follow International Standards
  • We created the new Guard model
  • We always adapt to your needs


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Why Executive Club?



If you have selected for your company the Executive Security Services, enjoy unique privileges for you and your family.

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Information Department

The Information Department of Millenguard Security provides with timely and valid data both the Security Director and all individual Officers. Indicatively:

  • Receives and evaluates all daily reports from guards and supervisors
  • Gathers information about the areas guarded by Millenguard
  • Evaluates primary information and public announcements (e.g. strikes’ impact, VIP arrivals)
  • Monitors events, local conditions, important dates (e.g. demonstrations, anniversaries)
  • Calculates, on a daily basis, indicators of risk by region and target
  • Informs the Millenguard Operations Centre and the client on remarkable elements during the day

Security seminars

Self-defense and survival techniques

The seminar provides with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with difficult situations that can happen to all of us.

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