Security Shutters

Perforated steel shutters

Galvanized steel safety shutters consisting of perforated metal strips of 0,8 mm thickness, with rubber and brush drivers, metal mounting plates wrapped around the shaft, electric movement by an axis engine, with a boutonniere and a key.

Fireproof security shutters

Fireproof security shutters are ideal for fire - compartmentalization of large openings, with a fire resistance indicator of 60 to 240 min. They cover the BS 476, Part 22 § 5 - '87 specifications and are manufactured by the SAFEDOOR factory, under the WFRC England fire protection certificates, in the dimensions that is specified by the customer, in a short time and economical price. They operate electrically and in case of fire the close automatically. By incorporating additional mechanisms, they can be used as security shutters. The are accepted by the Fire Service. Within the shopping centers of the "Mall Athens", and "Golden Hall", more than 120 fireproof SAFEDOOR shutters have been placed in shops, walkways and parking areas.

Lattice security shutters

Galvanized steel safety shutters consisting of lattice metal strips - Medium Eye 8,5 x 13 cm - 8mm Φ8 thickness, with rubber and brush drivers, with metal plates on the axis and electric movement powered by an axis engine, with a boutonniere and key.

Why Millenguard?

  • We established a series of innovations
  • We follow International Standards
  • We created the new Guard model
  • We always adapt to your needs


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Why Executive Club?



If you have selected for your company the Executive Security Services, enjoy unique privileges for you and your family.

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Information Department

The Information Department of Millenguard Security provides with timely and valid data both the Security Director and all individual Officers. Indicatively:

  • Receives and evaluates all daily reports from guards and supervisors
  • Gathers information about the areas guarded by Millenguard
  • Evaluates primary information and public announcements (e.g. strikes’ impact, VIP arrivals)
  • Monitors events, local conditions, important dates (e.g. demonstrations, anniversaries)
  • Calculates, on a daily basis, indicators of risk by region and target
  • Informs the Millenguard Operations Centre and the client on remarkable elements during the day

Security seminars

Self-defense and survival techniques

The seminar provides with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with difficult situations that can happen to all of us.

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With the force of AVMap Group of Companies...

Millenguard Security, a member of the Greek AVMap Group of Companies, adopts all models of quality and environmental protection and is a pioneer on issues of operational organisation, use of new technologies and support (after sales).