CCTV monitoring

Apart from placing guards, Millenguard, by making use of state-of-the art technologies, ensures remote monitoring of your property via intelligent combinations of network cameras and sensors. A series of sensors capture all movements, mass, temperature of unwanted visitors which are immediately recorded on camera.
Simultaneously, a signal is dispatched to the Millenguard Image and Signals Reception Centre in order to evaluate the need of immediate response in your premises. Based on the actions we have pre-agreed on according to your specific needs, we notify you by phone, dispatch the Millenguard patrol cars, call the police, or invade the premises.

Continuous Image Analysis

Millenguard Security, by making use of modern IT infrastructures available to AVMap Group of Companies, receives, records and processes video signals from hundreds security cameras of its clients. This work is undertaken by the Image Reception Centre, which employs highly skilled accredited operators.

With the reception of an image signal (activation of a camera alarm) from the client security system within their premises, the Reception Centre operator monitors the incidents and ensures whether it is false signal or not. Afterwards, they evaluate the gravity of the incident and proportionally carry out the foreseen energies.

The operator notes all incidents while images are stored in the AVMap central storage units. In this way, the operator or Security Shift Supervisor is able to reprocess images in order to extract secondary conclusions.

Further to the identification of an incident of threat, the operator transmits the information to the Signals and Alarm Reception Centre, where the responsible operators undertake to execute the agreed with the customer protocol of energies (police briefing, alarming the Millenguard Emergency Response patrol car, serial call of all persons declared by the client).

Emergency response

If your services cover the program of “Emergency response”, then the Millenguard “Signals Reception Centre” receives your alarm signal in less than 1 minute. One of our patrol cars, suitably equipped and with uniformed guards, will come at your property immediately (in less than 10 minutes), often a lot faster than the police cars.

In the areas we cover, 75% of our patrol cars are parked and ready in strategic locations so they can operate and act immediately. The location selection and the number of patrol cars per region is provided by the Centre 3 times a day, taking into account local conditions, traffic congestion, customers’ emergency and special requirements (i.e. absence during holidays).

Our patrol cars intervention is substantial:

  • We use uniformed guards and officers of emergency response
  • We perform checks for potential intrusions, damage or other signs of burglary or forced entry
  • We handle your premises as high security areas
  • We collaborate with your security operators and emergency services
  • We gain access (invade) your space (if pre-agreed) and treat any incident

Why Millenguard?

  • We established a series of innovations
  • We follow International Standards
  • We created the new Guard model
  • We always adapt to your needs


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Why Executive Club?



If you have selected for your company the Executive Security Services, enjoy unique privileges for you and your family.

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Information Department

The Information Department of Millenguard Security provides with timely and valid data both the Security Director and all individual Officers. Indicatively:

  • Receives and evaluates all daily reports from guards and supervisors
  • Gathers information about the areas guarded by Millenguard
  • Evaluates primary information and public announcements (e.g. strikes’ impact, VIP arrivals)
  • Monitors events, local conditions, important dates (e.g. demonstrations, anniversaries)
  • Calculates, on a daily basis, indicators of risk by region and target
  • Informs the Millenguard Operations Centre and the client on remarkable elements during the day

Security seminars

Self-defense and survival techniques

The seminar provides with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with difficult situations that can happen to all of us.

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With the force of AVMap Group of Companies...

Millenguard Security, a member of the Greek AVMap Group of Companies, adopts all models of quality and environmental protection and is a pioneer on issues of operational organisation, use of new technologies and support (after sales).