Professional spaces

Our security guards fit the profile you are seeking. A friendly and polite person will welcome and greet your guests and customers to our premises. At the same time, you ensure a dynamic presence for the safeguard of your professional space and human resources day and night.

Experienced, tested, trained staff guards you through the outfit that hides many tactic secrets on observation, ensuring order, defense and embroilment. Our guards are there to predict an incident and prevent situations before customers or your staff suspects anything. They are fully capable of managing stressful situations and complications with discretion and diplomacy, following the strategy that we have developed together.

Businesses and Office spaces

When your professional spaces are staffed with the Millenguard guards, it is particularly important to provide with the appropriate image, the one that suits your corporate philosophy. We meet, greet and protect your staff every minute of the day. As the first direct contact with the guests, executives and customers, our Security Officers and groups of guards ensure the protection of your office space, your commercial property and administrative buildings and ensure order and safety in your facilities, mobile and permanent estate and your human resources with a discrete presence and monitoring of incoming and outgoing people, objects and vehicles.

Computing facilities

Taking into consideration blooming of e-commerce, electronic communications, extensive use of professional and social networks, the internet nowadays reaches countless aspects of private and professional lives. The management of information and data require now, more than ever, high standards security solutions. More and more organizations are currently protecting sales information, intellectual property, customer files and custom applications they have developed by making use of high standards security measures.

Millenguard Security sets specific security services at your disposal, where anonymity and confidentiality is a priority. Many years of IT expertise deriving from the AVMap Group of Companies activities constitutes Millenguard Security you ideal partner for any IT installation you wish to safeguard. 


Dynamic, flexible and attentive, highly trained Millenguard Security guards are not intimidated when required to work in a hostile environment. The majority of guards corresponding to this category derive from Army Special Forces; they are capable of responding to any challenge, move and observe in your warehouse surroundings. In order to maximize security, we install a surveillance cameras closed Circuit (CCTV), scanning every square inch of your warehouse or distribution center. Hence our guards:

  • Identify weaknesses of the existing security infrastructure of the site
  • Detect suspicious movements in the interior and exterior of your premises
  • Handle remote monitoring systems and remotely operating gates

Key and alarm management

To assign your own staff with the task of managing the business keys and their safekeeping during night hours or at times when your business is not operating may be detrimental. In the case of a fire or burglary, the consequences can be devastating and can cost from a few thousand to millions of euros. The Millenguard key security service ensures that we access your business doors and gates, with no further delay, whenever indicated.

Your keys, your alarm safety codes and other types of property and information protection measures, are safely stored. We have better knowledge of your professional space than your staff, we advise your staff and we are on site whenever an emergency arises.

Enjoy the Millenguard key security service; we access and open doors when you wish and insure they are locked when you need it. 


In the context of protecting your premises, Millenguard Security monitors the parking infrastructure of your organization or the parking lots you commercially exploit. Moving guards and supervisors carry out frequent patrols at random intervals based on an organized plan and:

  • Discourage thieves and other malicious vandalism
  • Confirm that visitors and customers parked correctly based on indicated parking spaces
  • Help drivers locate available parking spots and exits
  • Enforce regulatory framework for the use of parking
  • Monitor the use of parking spaces for people with disabilities and assist appropriately when required

Should any incident occur, our patrols ensure an immediate response, a detailed recording and reporting of the incident to all appropriate agencies. If circumstances require so, police and first aid will be notified. Our guards will also systematically control the appropriate operation use and maintenance of illuminated signs, exits gates and all equipment available within the premises. If so necessary, we will suggest improvements as circumstances require.

Why Millenguard?

  • We established a series of innovations
  • We follow International Standards
  • We created the new Guard model
  • We always adapt to your needs


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Why Executive Club?



If you have selected for your company the Executive Security Services, enjoy unique privileges for you and your family.

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Information Department

The Information Department of Millenguard Security provides with timely and valid data both the Security Director and all individual Officers. Indicatively:

  • Receives and evaluates all daily reports from guards and supervisors
  • Gathers information about the areas guarded by Millenguard
  • Evaluates primary information and public announcements (e.g. strikes’ impact, VIP arrivals)
  • Monitors events, local conditions, important dates (e.g. demonstrations, anniversaries)
  • Calculates, on a daily basis, indicators of risk by region and target
  • Informs the Millenguard Operations Centre and the client on remarkable elements during the day

Security seminars

Self-defense and survival techniques

The seminar provides with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with difficult situations that can happen to all of us.

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With the force of AVMap Group of Companies...

Millenguard Security, a member of the Greek AVMap Group of Companies, adopts all models of quality and environmental protection and is a pioneer on issues of operational organisation, use of new technologies and support (after sales).