International Standards

We are being constantly educated and updated; adapting to new circumstances, making use of technologies. Following the international Standards in Security Services, we have established a line of avant-garde procedures:

  • In the selection of guards
  • In the training system
  • In practicing quality controls
  • In business readiness

Selection of Security personnel

We hire and train our personnel, in light that every guard, supervisor or security sergeant can satisfy the Millenguard Security strict standards. We do not take any knowledge or experience for granted. The procedure of training our personnel is extremely demanding but equally effective. Once we have assured that in security matters, our personnel satisfies every required characteristic, we continue on training specifically our guards before they incorporate in your staff, in order to embrace your corporate philosophy from the first moment of undertaking their duties/responsibilities.

Training beyond limits

Guard training

Due to the careful selection, many of our guards already possess remarkable experience in different posts of security. Nevertheless, every guard of Millenguard is subjected to a specific training program. Beyond that, there is a systematic plan of continuous service training in security matters, physical controls in short intervals, revising seminars of firefighting, first aids and other orders of management in emergencies.

Training procedure

The guard, being a part of the security system of the country and basic associate of governmental security bodies, obtains increasing responsibilities, as well as rights of control and order imposition. In the meantime they are exposed to a series of direct or indirect dangers. During the performance of their duties, the shortage of basic knowledge and the limited physical ability, often lead to an improper treatment of a situation with multiple repercussions that lead even to the personal danger of the guard.
This training, offers the Millenguard Security guards the necessary knowledge and skills/attributes in order to always be in a highly operative readiness, so that they will accomplish the appointed/entrusted task safely and efficiently.

Security Types(Basic Executive)

Excellent choice (interviews and tests, 15 out of 100 candidates)
Age Up to 35 years Up to 45 years
Physical condition Άριστη Very good
Education (theoretical & practical) 35 ημερών 5 days
Repeated Education/ 6 months
Experience > 24 μήνες > 12 months
Expensive uniform
Bulletproof vest

Presence E-book (incoming – outgoing)

Events E-book
Notepad (physical or electronic)
Supervisors onset
e-Reports on daily basis
e-Reports on weekly basis

Security Management System – web platform for monitoring Security Services


Rewards and Constant practice

Reward program

In Millenguard we treat security services as a constant opportunity for a business career. Consciously, we do not work with seasonal employees. We invest in our personnel; put our energy in training and evolving the performance of our guards. We seek people who aspire to make progress in this field and we reward engagement and initiatives.

For our guards, the Millenguard philosophy is interpreted into a safe career with progress prospects regarding working conditions, inclusion in a caring team of colleagues and co-fighters.

For our clients, the Millenguard philosophy is interpreted in the consistency and quality of our services, in professionalism, in the benefits of a stable power and a caring/human team that supports you.

Containuous trainee program

After the completion of the training program, every guard has to physically train weekly, while every 6 months there is a revision of the training circle.

The Ultimate Seminar on Safety

One factor for the effectiveness of company security is the basic client training. In cases of crisis, the client (or client staff should the client be an enterprise) should immediately act appropriately. They should also know how to notify the Millenguard Operations Centre as well as other techniques of immediate response such as the protection of nearby individuals, first aid and the use of firefighting equipment. At the same time, if the circumstance requires so, the client should be familiar with techniques which allow various objects to turn into effective weapons.

It is also essential to know how to deal with rogue elements in order to reduce their own risk until guards and patrol cars arrive at the client’s premises.

The training includes parts of the training program provided by Millenguard Security instructors to the Special Private Guards (Executive Guards). The choice has been made based on the needs of ordinary people and the potential risks they may have to face.

The training is delivered by qualified trainers both indoors and outdoors, including theoretical and practical courses and providing with a complete knowledge on self – defense and survival techniques in first degree.

Duration: The program lasts 20 hours (4 afternoon hours per 5 days).

Cost: 100€ (including VAT).

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Why Millenguard?

  • We established a series of innovations
  • We follow International Standards
  • We created the new Guard model
  • We always adapt to your needs


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Why Executive Club?



If you have selected for your company the Executive Security Services, enjoy unique privileges for you and your family.

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Information Department

The Information Department of Millenguard Security provides with timely and valid data both the Security Director and all individual Officers. Indicatively:

  • Receives and evaluates all daily reports from guards and supervisors
  • Gathers information about the areas guarded by Millenguard
  • Evaluates primary information and public announcements (e.g. strikes’ impact, VIP arrivals)
  • Monitors events, local conditions, important dates (e.g. demonstrations, anniversaries)
  • Calculates, on a daily basis, indicators of risk by region and target
  • Informs the Millenguard Operations Centre and the client on remarkable elements during the day

Security seminars

Self-defense and survival techniques

The seminar provides with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with difficult situations that can happen to all of us.

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Millenguard Security, a member of the Greek AVMap Group of Companies, adopts all models of quality and environmental protection and is a pioneer on issues of operational organisation, use of new technologies and support (after sales).